The Pros and Cons of Learning An Instrument Online

You can learn just about anything on the internet these days. There are websites and Youtube channels dedicated to teaching you everything you could ever need to know about schoolwork, car repairs, home DIY projects, cooking, etc. There are also a lot of music resources on the internet ranging from Youtube videos that offer to teach you how to play a certain song or lick to one-on-one lessons that can be live-streamed in real time. Of course, having more resources to learn something is never a bad thing, but I'd argue that for learning music, the online resources work better as supplemental material rather than the main source of you or your child's learning. Learning to play an instrument is something that demands a more hands on approach which is lost if you opt for a video lesson.


The most important reason that face to face lessons are so important is because they prevent bad habits from forming. Most musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin, etc) require specific posture and hand positions in order to safely and comfortably play the instrument. If you watch a video lesson it’s very easy to miss out on these subtle details. These types of bad habits can cause pain and discomfort when playing the instrument, which can discourage a child from continuing with their instrument. They can also lead to health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. These sorts of habits can be quickly and easily corrected when you take lessons with a live instructor. It’s also much easier to teach somebody music in person because the instructor is able to quickly make adjustments and provide proper examples to the student. Face to face lessons allow the instructor to get to know the student’s learning style and personality much more easily which lets the instructor set the pace of the lesson at an appropriate level.

Another reason that face to face lessons are more beneficial than lessons streamed over the internet is due to the importance of building mentor/mentee relationships and having a musical role model. One thing that motivated me to practice and improve more than anything else was hearing the skill and creativity of my guitar teacher. It made me think, “I really want to be able to do that too!”. Face to face lessons help students see that their goals are attainable, because there is another person sitting right in front of them showing them that with time and effort anyone can play well. There is a lot to be said about human interaction and how much deeper the connection is when you are in the same physical space as someone else.

Online music resources can be a great aid on your journey to learn a musical instrument, but when it comes to the music lessons themselves, the only benefit you get out of online lessons is the minor convenience. Taking face to face lessons while utilizing online resources during the other times you practice is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

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